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Breaking up.

Incase anyone still follows this Tumblr (It has been inactive for some time) I just thought I’d let people know me and Danielle have broken up. Im not the wordy one so you’ll have to persevere with me for the moment. 

Things weren’t right, not for some time. Im the person mainly at fault but of course it takes two to tango. I’d just like to clarify that I love Danielle very much but as two people we’re very different. I’m not the most understanding person in the world and I’ll be the first to admit that. Often I would have jibes at Danielle for things that she could not help and often I felt like I could not help the snide little remarks I made. We had a great two years together as a whole, we’ve just faltered and like I say, at my expense. I’m very much a dictator and my thinking is that different rules apply to different people. I never meant to hurt her, or make her cry but I’m just going to have to face the consequences. I know there’s someone perfect out there for her, who can make her happy every day and who won’t see her sad mood as an opportunity for an argument just because she missed the I out of I love you. 

Im just sorry. Im sorry I hurt you more than her, I’m sorry I kept secrets and I’m sorry I didn’t keep my promises to make you smile every day. And just a word to everyone else, don’t act the way I do. 

For the last time then.

Bev. X

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